Life Insurance and Why You Need It


Most people take the life insurance policy to protect their loved ones in case the insured person mostly the breadwinner dies mysteriously. Life insurance policy is a great way of transferring risk from your family to your insurance provider. Life insurance also can be a fundamental pillar of your retirement savings. Life insurance is a type of insurance that pays a lump sum to those who depend on should you die during the term of the insurance. The cost of the policy is determined by some factors like age, lifestyle and your health. Most individuals have become very reluctant to have the insurance cover saying that it is expensive. The benefits you get afterward cannot be comparable to the money cut from your salary each month, besides that, you are helping someone somewhere indirectly who is a victim. Discussed below are the reasons why you should have a life insurance cover at


Transfer of risk


No one knows when the worst can happen. Accidents happen all the time, and they can do the worst to your family. They can push a family into financial suffering. As such, it makes great sense to insure the life of the breadwinner in the family. Traditional term life policy provides the payment in case an insurance condition is met when the insured individual passes on.


Benefits from tax advantages


The investment component in USA life insurance companies is put to work by the insurance business and likely invested in stocks or bonds or a combination of both. However, the buildup in the savings account is tax differed allowing policyholders to grow their investments more rapidly compared to an account that can be taxed on a yearly basis.


Life insurance policies can be a collateral


The cash value of your life insurance is a big asset. It can be used as a security and can be borrowed against. It is a useful feature for example, to a family that has a whole life insurance with a decent cash value and needs to draw down money for house expenses. Read to understand more about life insurance.


Retirement funds


You buy a well-structured policy over a couple of years. Or you can opt to buy such a premium when you are near retirement with a large single premium. Your account is likely to grow with your premium and the interest you collect upon your cash balance. Using the loan strategy, you can make withdrawals from your policy as you like. This strategy can be an excellent income to your retirement income.

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